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Every Child, Every Day

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Curriculum: Early Childhood

PreK-3 | PreK-4 | Kindergarten

The Kindergarten curriculum integrates reading, language arts, social studies, math and science in author based units of study.  Each unit is integrated with letter recognition, letter sounds and sight word recognition.  Our developmental program is based on our understanding and awareness of children’s social, emotional and cognitive needs.

With a maximum class size of 15 students, our faculty has the opportunity to work closely with each child in this important year of growth and development.


  • The Math curriculum is centered on the Everyday Math curriculum with a strong emphasis on problem solving and higher order thinking.  The use of manipulatives ensures that new concepts are meaningful.

Reading and Language Arts

  • Reading and Language Arts instruction includes guided reading using materials from Rigby, Mondo and Pacific Learning Books, letter and sound recognition, word walls, journaling and handwriting instruction with the Handwriting Without Tears program.  A wide assortment of quality children’s literature promotes interest in reading and writing based on monthly author studies.

Science & Social Studies (Harcourt Series)

  • Science and Social Studies are integrated into teacher developed units of study including - weather, animals, our community and other cultures.  These units of study include hands-on experiments and journaling.

Special Events & Activities

  • Pajama Party - ”P” Week - The children come to school dressed in their pajamas and enjoy a day filled with pumpkin activities.  Popcorn and punch are served for snack.

  • Thanksgiving Feast: This Kindergarten tradition is held Friday before Thanksgiving Holiday - The children dress in Native American Indian costumes that they have made during the week and enjoy food that is prepared in class.

  • Lessons and Carols - The Kindergarten children role-play the story of Jesus’ birth by dressing as Mary and Joseph, wise men, camels, shepherds, lambs, as well as a heavenly choir.  Fifth grade students read Bible passages that tell the Christmas story and Kindergartners sing traditional carols.

  • 100’s Day: To celebrate the 100th day of school the Kindergarten children participate in many math activities - lacing 100 fruit loops to make a necklace, counting 100 stickers to make a 100’s Day hat, and predicting whether it takes more than 100 or less than 100 licks to finish a lollipop.

  • Mexican Fiesta - After learning about the traditions, clothing and customs of Mexico, the children dress in serapes, rebozos and sombreros to enjoy a Mexican Fiesta.  The fiesta includes dancing, music, and traditional cuisine.

  • Bunny Brunch - Dressed in bunny attire, the students attend our annual Bunny Brunch.  The menu includes favorites of rabbits and hares like celery, carrots, strawberries, and apples.  The Brunch ends our study of Beatrix Potter.

  • Wacky Wednesday - Students celebrate the culmination of an author study of Dr. Seuss with a day of backwards dressing, wacky socks, and silly activities.

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