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Curriculum: Early Childhood

Pre-School | Pre-K | Kindergarten

We help guide children in learning how to construct knowledge of the world around them through thematic learning experiences, classroom learning centers and play, holiday celebrations, and current events and topics pertinent to their daily lives.  We use our school-wide Everyday Math and Handwriting Without Tears curriculums to develop a strong foundation for successful learning to prepare children for kindergarten.

  • Our PreK-4 program is an age appropriate curriculum based on best practices as recommended by the National Association for the Education of Young Children

  • Teaching Strategies’ “The Creative Curriculum”

  •  Reggio Emilia approach from Italy

  • A maximum class size of 15 students makes it possible for teachers to work closely with students, and to understand their needs.

Language and Pre-Reading Skills

  • Participate in class discussions

  • Strengthen recognition of sound patterns and rhyming words

  • Demonstrate phonemic awareness

  • Identify some letters and make sound-letter connections

  • Demonstrate awareness of syllables

  • Understand that letters make up words

  • Name colors and shapes

  • Recognize names of classmates and environmental print

  • Recognize and match upper and lower case letters of the alphabet

  • Demonstrate awareness of left to right and top to bottom progression in stories and writing

  • Build vocabulary

  • Understand time elements in a story

Pre-Writing Skills

  • Share ideas through drawing and writing

  • Refine eye-hand coordination

  • Use a variety of writing tools

  • Increase fine motor control

  • Write name

Social/Emotional Skills

  • Engage in cooperative play and group projects

  • Increase self-control

  • Begin to develop a greater threshold for frustrating situations

  • Display good manners

  • Obey class rules

  • Establish a positive feeling for school

Special Activities

  • PreK-4 Sharing Feast at Thanksgiving - Children bring vegetables from home to make special soup that is shared, much like that of the American Indians and Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving.

  • Mardi Gras Parade on campus - Students dress in costume, pull decorated wagons, and toss traditional carnival throws to lower school students.

  • PreK-4 Circus - The greatest show on campus features tigers, elephants, a monkey, a bear, clowns, tightrope walkers, gymnasts, Mr. Muscles, Ta Da girls, animal trainers and a ring master.

  • Grandparents Day - Special day for grandparents and grandchildren.

  • Big Buddies with Fourth Grade

Enrichment Classes
Physical Education/ Movement

Extracurricular Activities