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Curriculum: Early Childhood

Pre-School | PreK-4 | Kindergarten

Reggio-Inspired Approach

The Reggio-inspired approach is an educational philosophy developed in the villages around Reggio Emilia, Italy, after World War II.  Loris Malaguzzi, a teacher, and parents of young children in war-torn Italy wanted a community-focused educational setting for their children.  They understood the importance of the early years in the development of young children as individuals and in the value of children’s relationships with others and with their environment.

Teachers and students learn together with children acting as researchers as they construct knowledge and help lead the direction of their learning.  The environment is the third teacher, with an emphasis on nature and the arts.

Project topics and the duration of projects are children driven.Teachers help document the students’ learning through photographs and written records to be displayed in the classroom.

The environment has a homelike feel, with a neutral background. The classroom environment is organic in nature and is ever evolving and changing.

The Reggio Approach stresses that children use “a hundred languages” to take in information and tell us what they want to learn. Through project based learning, your child will use his or her sense of curiosity and the investigative process to learn about current interests. Learning is multi-sensory and exploratory.

Children are provided with a variety of materials for thinking, revising, constructing, and expressing their thoughts.

With a maximum class size of 14 students, our faculty has the opportunity to work closely with each child in this important year of growth and development.

Special Activities

  • Thanksgiving Sharing Feast - The children bring fruits from home to make a special salad that is shared, much like that of the American Indians and Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving

  • Junior Master Gardener Program - Students raise vegetables, flowers and a full herb garden in this university developed curriculum that teaches students the values of being green.

  • Grandparents & “Grand” friends Day - Special day for grandparents and grandchild on campus.

  • Moms & Muffins/Dads & Donuts - Moms and Dads join students in special morning activities.

Enrichment Classes
Physical Education / Movement

Extracurricular Activities