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Every Child, Every Day

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Curriculum: Lower School

1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade | 4th Grade | 5th Grade

The 2nd grade curriculum integrates language arts, social studies and science into units of study that include: Weather, Pilgrims, Christmas around the World, Space, Pioneers, Insects and Plants.  Math skills emphasize problem solving and higher order thinking and include daily opportunities for hands on learning.

Field trips, guest speakers and in-class projects such as pioneer projects, journaling, the life cycle of butterflies, and observing lady bugs make the learning experience meaningful for our students.

A maximum class size of 22 students makes it possible for teachers to work closely with students and to understand their needs.

Special Events and Activities:

In addition to our core curriculum and enrichment classes, field trips, programs, projects and special activities support and enhance the 2nd grade experience for St. Luke’s students.

• Mayflower Experience:  An outline using scale measurements of the Mayflower is drawn on the carpool driveway and pilgrim costumed students take a virtual journey to the New World.

• Space Study:  Space t-shirts are made in art class and worn on Fridays during this month-long unit.

• Louisiana Art and Science Museum and Planetarium:  Students complete the space unit by viewing the IMAX film “Exploring through the Solar System”.

• Pioneer Unit:  Students learn about life of early settlers through class projects, making candles, cornhusk dolls and quilting in art class and through a class musical.  Learning the Cotton Eyed Joe and square dancing to live music are unique experiences in this unit.

• Rice Babies: Rice babies are made weighing rice to match each   student’s birth weight.  The “babies” spend time in the classroom for other math-related activities.

• Christmas Around the World: Students compare the way Christmas is celebrated around the world during this holy season.  Passports track their travels and students make traditional ornaments from several different countries to decorate the classroom Christmas tree.