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Every Child, Every Day

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Curriculum: Lower School

1st Grade | 2nd Grade | 3rd Grade | 4th Grade | 5th Grade

The 3rd grade curriculum integrates language arts, math, social studies and science into units of study that include the history, geography, topography, and products of Louisiana, electricity, and simple machines.

A maximum class size of 22 students makes it possible for teachers to work closely with students and to understand their needs.

Special Events & Activities:

• FINS Program: Students have big buddies in the 6th grade for “Fellowship, Involvement and Service”.

• Pumpkin Day: Each student brings a pumpkin to school and uses it with activities that include estimation, weighing, measuring, and sensory experiences.

• 100s Day: The 100th day of school is celebrated with activities that emphasize the number 100.  The students count, weigh, and estimate and then make trail mix with exactly 100 pieces of snacks.  They also write about what they think life will be like 100 years from now.

• Hands-On Science Activities: Hands on activities are important in discovering circuits, series, and switches in the unit studying electricity.  We also participate in activities that demonstrate the six basic simple machines and their function.

• Tour of Baton Rouge: Our field trip to the Governor’s Mansion, State Capitol and the Old State Capitol is a culmination of our study of Louisiana.
Louisiana State Museum: This field trip enhances our study of Louisiana.

• The Louisiana Play: After yearlong study of their home state, students are ready to perform their class play, “Louisiana”, for the school and parents.  Each child has a role depicting characters and products from Louisiana history.