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Curriculum: Middle School

6th Grade | 7th Grade | 8th Grade

The middle school division serves 94 students in 6th -8th grade.  These students are a blend of those who have transitioned from our lower school and those who join our program from schools across the city.  The faculty and staff are experienced in middle school education and recognize that during this critical period of time for adolescent learners there must be a balance between growing independence and responsibility and a continued need for support, encouragement and limitations.  We seek to prepare students for high school who are knowledgeable and spiritually, physically and emotionally healthy for the challenges ahead. 

The challenging core curriculum in mathematics, English, social studies, science and Spanish prepare students for the requirements of high school.  An emphasis on critical thinking and problem solving prepare students for life long learning.  Students have physical education classes four days per week and religion/advisory class and chapel weekly.  Electives through the course of middle school allow students to explore areas of interest, and to deepen these interests through further study.  Electives include special emphasis in art, music, literature, technology, journalism, yearbook and dance. 

The faculty works closely as a team to follow students’ progress and provide challenges and academic support for those with learning differences.  Helping students develop strong communication skills- writing, speaking and listening- are emphasized in every subject area.  Students in 6th grade take a nine-week study skills class to help with their transition to the middle school division. 

The middle school division is close and there is a strong sense of community.  As such, there is a clear understanding of expectations for respectful behavior for all members.  The environment is one in which students feel safe and accepted.  The honor code holds students responsible for trustworthy behavior. 

The religion and advisory curriculum are based on Christian values and moral and ethical behavior. Middle school students serve as big buddies to lower school students in 3rd-5th grade, in the “FInS” (Fellowship, Involvement, Service) program.  This program focuses on service learning activities between the divisions.

Students are encouraged to be involved in a range of activities and sports.  Our no-cut athletic policy is designed to help student athletes explore interests and hone new skills.  Enjoying competition, being part of a team, learning to win and lose with grace, respecting a diverse range of abilities, and maintaining self-discipline are some of the benefits of participating in athletics. 

Middle school students have the opportunity to participate in overnight trips that expand the boundaries of the classroom.  Students in 6th grade travel to the Sci-Port museum in Shreveport and spend the night at Camp Hardtner, in Pollock, Louisiana.  Students in 7th and 8th grade alternate trips each spring to Washington, DC and Camp Allen, an adventure-based program in Navasota, TX.  These trips offer students historical and outdoor teambuilding experiences.

Most middle school students will graduate with high school credit in Algebra I, Spanish I, and World Geography I.  Students in 8th grade have additional responsibilities and privileges within the division and throughout the school such as leadership in chapel services, student council officers and grade-level service projects.  The transition to high school is supported by the admissions office staff through High School Forum Night and other services for parents of 8th grade students.  Upon graduation from 8th grade our students leave as confident, poised leaders.