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Every Child, Every Day

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Just as each person has a fingerprint with a unique design of ridges, lines and circles, at St. Luke’s we know that each one of our students has a set of talents that define the unique individual they are. Our passion is helping our students discover their passion.  From PreK-3 to grade 8, our well-rounded curriculum includes plenty of opportunities for our students to explore creative writing, painting, singing, dancing, a musical instrument, digital animation and many other artistic pursuits. Our visual arts program includes pottery, charcoal, watercolors, acrylics and other mediums. Our performing arts program consists of choral, band, and dance performance, as well as, yearly grade level and middle school productions.

We know that creativity is not limited to placing a paint brush to a canvas, playing a piece of music in a unique way or writing a story that has never been told before.  Creativity is the ability to see something in a new and different way. Creative and divergent thinking is encouraged throughout our program. We are acutely aware that we are preparing our students for careers that have not yet been created. To be successful in the 21st century economy, our children will need to possess flexibility, originality, the ability to collaborate with a diverse mix of individuals and the ability to solve problems creatively. 

In our Early Childhood program and Lower school, our curriculum includes a well-rounded variety of enrichments classes including Spanish, art, technology, choral music, physical education and band.  Our Middle School enrichments are comprised of modern dance and ballet, band, music technology, study skills, multi-media, journalism, yearbook and art.