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Activities | Clubs

Student Plays at St. Luke’s delight their audiences with, interesting facts and creative songs. The uniquely designed plays provide the students the opportunity to perform with pride for family and guests.

School Party Days are organized by Parent Guild room mothers and parent volunteers under the supervision of the teachers. Styles of parties vary from class to class and parents are usually welcome to visit the classrooms during party times.

Field Trips are organized by the teachers with parents serving as drivers and chaperones off campus. Siblings are not allowed to accompany parents on field trips. Field trips are an excellent way for parents to get acquainted and to get to know their child’s classmates.

Library Highlights Week sponsored by the Friends of the Library is literally filled with formal as well as impromptu storytelling throughout the campus. Pre-K and Kindergartners will find the Bedtime Story Party delightful, while lst -5th graders dazzle one another on Book Character Dress up Day.

Grandparents’ Day is a very special day at St Luke’s when Grandparents and Grand “others” are invited to visit the campus and students in their classrooms. Our honored guests begin their visit with refreshments and view a video of cherished memories before making their way to the classrooms.

Teacher Appreciation Week is a time Parent Guild sets aside for students and parents to thank the teachers of St Luke’s for their hard work and dedication. Teachers and staff receive small gifts and notes of thanks throughout the week concluding with a special luncheon on Friday.

Field Days are fun filled, high energy days of original games for the students led by “Coach” and his team of parent volunteers. A signal that the school year is coming to an end, field day becomes a special memory for students and parents alike.