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Gifts of Technology

St. Luke's Technology Donation Program


We want to remind you about a great way to help St. Luke's in lieu of a straight cash donation. A direct technology donation, not only tremendously benefits the school but lowers you overall *out of pocket cost".

As the school continues to focus on project based learning and a curriculum that is meaningful, purposeful, and creative, technology is and will continue to be a critical focus. 

The state of Louisiana offers an attractive tax incentive to encourage participation.

Cost $1,200
Federal tax deduction* $360
State tax credit** $348
Final out-of-pocket cost $492

*Based on federal tax bracket of 30%, example is for illustrative purposes only

**Must have a state tax liability of at least this amount

St. Luke’s will gladly provide all forms for tax credit verification.  Contact Kerry Hunt, Director of Advancement at 225-927-8601 for more information. Your technology gift will be counted as your contribution to this year’s Annual Giving.