Faculty & Staff

Photo of Sallye Abadie

Sallye Abadie

First Grade

Photo of Connie Bradford

Connie Bradford

Interim Head of School

Photo of Charlotte Carnes

Charlotte Carnes

Middle School English

Photo of Bonnie Catalano

Bonnie Catalano


Photo of Jeanne Dauzat

Jeanne Dauzat

Third Grade

Photo of Austin Davis

Austin Davis

Athletic Director

Photo of Heidi FaKouri

Heidi FaKouri

Fourth Grade

Photo of Catherine Farrar

Catherine Farrar

Fifth Grade

Photo of Lori Foy

Lori Foy


Photo of Ann Giles

Ann Giles


Photo of Michael Giles

Michael Giles

Middle School P.E. & Athletics

Photo of The Rev. Christopher Golding

The Rev. Christopher Golding

The Rev. Christopher Golding

Photo of Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris

Third Grade

Photo of Becky Heyward

Becky Heyward

Pre-K3 Assistant

Photo of Lynn Hooks

Lynn Hooks


Photo of Brittany Guelfo

Brittany Guelfo

Assistant IT Director and Technology

Photo of Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson

Director of Information Technology and Seventh/Eighth Grade Technology

Photo of Dr. Laurie Johnson

Dr. Laurie Johnson

Middle School Spanish

Photo of Kerry Hunt

Kerry Hunt

Director of Advancement

Photo of Johanna Leonard

Johanna Leonard

Middle School History

Photo of Donna McCann

Donna McCann

Middle School Math

Photo of Mikel McClure

Mikel McClure


Photo of Ashley McIlwain

Ashley McIlwain

Fifth Grade

Photo of Holly Munn

Holly Munn

School Counselor

Photo of Brooke Noland

Brooke Noland

Photography and Yearbook

Photo of The Rev. Dr. Charles Bryan Owen

The Rev. Dr. Charles Bryan Owen

Rector, St. Luke's Episcopal Church

Photo of Tracey Rathcke

Tracey Rathcke


Photo of Leigh Ann Rettie

Leigh Ann Rettie

Lower School Music & Middle School Band

Photo of Vicki Schweitzer

Vicki Schweitzer

Pre-K4 Assistant

Photo of Dr. Christine Sullivan

Dr. Christine Sullivan

Middle School Science

Photo of Melissa Thibodeaux

Melissa Thibodeaux

Second Grade

Photo of Lorin Vieira

Lorin Vieira

Second Grade

Photo of Rachel Vierck

Rachel Vierck

Music and Movement & Middle School Drama

Photo of Olivia Vincent

Olivia Vincent

First Grade

Photo of Danielle Wolfe

Danielle Wolfe

Lower School Spanish

Photo of Aaron-Ashley Yorn

Aaron-Ashley Yorn

Fourth Grade

Photo of Joy Baudier

Joy Baudier

Lower School Administrative Assistant

Photo of Bekah Chittenden

Bekah Chittenden

Middle School Administrative Assistant

Photo of Barbara Simmons

Barbara Simmons

Director of Admissions

Photo of Jennifer Wyly

Jennifer Wyly

Director of Finance and Operations