Parents and grandparents fill vital roles in the life of St. Luke's. All the hours and talents they give are like the icing on a cake. The cake itself provides the form and substance, but the icing adds the perfect blend of enthusiasm and fun. Much of the success our teachers and students enjoy is a direct result of parents' and grandparents' involvement.

Parent volunteers help with several major annual events. Bayou Bash, the school's primary social gathering for all families, occurs in the fall. This event typically draws 500 people, so it requires a team of volunteers to organize. Parents also make the annual auction possible. This spring event augments the school budget and allows for improvements to facilities, equipment, curriculum, and faculty development.

Our school parents and grandparents fill many smaller but no less important roles throughout the school. Reading to students, helping teachers, organizing class parties, making Christmas ornaments, driving for field trips, and helping with work days are just some of the ways volunteers help keep St. Luke's running smoothly.